Unit 1: Applying for an Account

To get started with EnOS, you will first need an account to access the EnOS Management Console.

EnOS enables users to access and use resources on EnOS Cloud by managing the access permission of users in an organization. An organization has exclusive space and resources that are isolated from other organizations on EnOS. The space of an enterprise on EnOS is named organization unit (OU).

Registering Your Organization

Take the following steps to register your organization on EnOS:

  1. Contact Envision project manager or sales representative and provide the following information about your organization:
    • Organization Basics (name, address, business license number, industry, country, and scale of your organization)
    • Organization Owner (username, mobile phone, and email)
  2. When the organization information is reviewed and approved, the system will create the OU owner account and send the account and password to the OU owner’s email.

Creating Individual Accounts

After the OU owner account is created, the OU owner can log in to the EnOS Management Console to complete the configuration of the OU.

On the Identity and Access Management > User page, the OU owner can create individual accounts and assign proper rights for other roles in the organization, such as IoT engineers, business analysts, and application developers.

For more information about creating user accounts and managing user access permissions, see Creating and Managing Users.

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