About the EnOS™ Management Console

The EnOS Management Console enables the user to use the functions, such as Asset Management, Data Analytics, Resource Management, etc. that EnOS provides via a web browser.

Accessing the EnOS Management Console

Users can access the console login page via a URL, after which the user needs to log in with a username and password.

EnOS Management Console Login page

  • For existing EnOS customers, please contact your respective project manager/system admin/organization (OU) admin to request for the account to access the console.
  • For existing partners, or if you are interested in and would like to try our product, please feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact Us form. Our customer representative would be happy to assist you.

EnOS Management Console Overview

The user will see an interface that is similar to the figure below upon log in.

EnOS Management Console

The user interface is comprised of 3 main parts.

  • Top navigation bar: Where the user can show or hide the left navigation menus, view the latest release notes and documentation, switch languages, change password, etc.
  • Left navigation menu: Where the user can access the EnOS functions and customize the navigation menus by adding frequently used functions into favorites for quick access. Note that different user roles will have access to different functions, so the menus would not be the same for all users.
  • Configuration workspace: Where the user can perform all the configuration tasks around the data and resources on EnOS Cloud.

For the GUI conventions for the EnOS Management Console, refer to EnOS Management Console GUI Conventions.


The EnOS Management Console is best experienced with Chrome (latest versions).