Unit 5: Integrating Offline Data and Batch Data Processing

EnOS provides end-to-end toolsets to help you load your data from various data sources into a unified analytical data store in EnOS, process the data through orchestrating work flows, and analyze the data quickly and interactively.

EnOS Data Analytics mainly provides the following services.

Data Source Registration

As EnOS supports connection to various types of data sources, you can use the Data Synchronization service to integrate your data from external systems to EnOS. For more information, see Data Source Registration.

Data Synchronization

Based on your needs, you can also perform a full-load data synchronization with a manual workflow or incremental data synchronizations with a periodical workflow that runs based on your scheduled frequency. For more information, see Data Synchronization.

Batch Processing

You can use the GUI-based Batch Processing service for data development, using the programs in the common library for frequently used tasks such as converting columns to rows, or you can also write your own shell script for your own workflows. For more information, see Batch Processing.