EnOS Edge Service Overview

EnOS Edge provides the following APIs specific to the EnOS Edge.

Other Metadata

Operation name Description
Get Current Organization ID Get the organization ID that the current Edge belongs to
Get Point Mapping Get the mapping type of measurement points

Real-time data query

Operation name Description
Get Latest Measurement Points Get the real-time data of the model point of a single device

Real-time data subscription

Operation name Description
Create Subscription Group Create the real-time data subscription
Get Subscription Group Get the real-time data subscription
Update Subscription Group Modify the real-time data subscription
Delete Subscription Group Delete the real-time data subscription
List Subscription Group List all the real-time data subscriptions

Asynchronous Control

Operation name Description
Invoke Asynchronous Multipoint Service Execute the asynchronous control

Asynchronous Setting Points

Operation name Description
Set Multiple Measurement Points Asynchronously Execute the asynchronous setting point

File Service

Operation name Description
Upload File Upload the file into the specified directory
Download File Download the file
Delete File Delete the file
Delete Folder Delete the folder
Rename File Rename the file
Move File Move the file
Search File Search the file
List File And Folder List the file and folder
Get Disk Status Get the usage information of the whole disk