Main Function

EnOS Stream Processing service provides the following main funcrtions:

Real-time and Unbounded Stream Data Processing

A website log, a type of stream data, for example, records data as long as the website is online. This stream data is thus real-time and unbounded. As the data is generated continuously, the data streams are integrated to the streaming system continuously as well. The data that the streaming data processing engine processes is therefore real-time and unbounded, where the data streams are subscribed and consumed by the stream processing service in chronological order.

Continuous and Efficient Computation

The computation mode of EnOS Stream Processing Service is “event triggered”. The trigger is the unbounded stream data mentioned in the previous section. Once new stream data is sent to the system, the system immediately initiates and performs a computation task. Therefore, stream computing is a continuous process and is very efficient.

Stream and Real-time Data Integration

The calculated results of stream computing triggered by stream data is recorded continuously into the destination data storage, based on the configured data storage policies.

Calculation Templates for the Energy Industry

The EnOS Stream Processing Service provides data calculation templates for the energy industry. You can install the templates based on your business needs, and then use the templates for configuring stream data processing pipelines quickly.

  • Time Window Aggregation template
  • Electric Energy Cal by Meter Reading template
  • Electric Energy Cal by Instant Power template
  • Electric Energy Cal by Average Power template

Operator Library

The EnOS Stream Processing Service provides a set of underlying packaged operators. After installing an operator library, you can develop customized stream data processing pipelines to meet the requirements of your business scenarios. For more information, see the Operator Documentation.