Notification Management API Overview

The Notification Management service provides APIs for invocations by back-end platform applications or mobile applications.

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The push messaging service measures the sending of messages and controls the quota of each service and application. As the default application quota is 0, if an application needs to use the service, the OU administrator needs to log in to the EnOS Management Console, go to Notification Management > Quota, select the application, and apply for the quota for each send channel. The system administrator needs to approve the quota application before the service can be used.

Operator Configuration

Operator Configuration Instructions

The premise for ensuring the arrival rate of sending short messages at home and abroad is that extra attention should be paid when selecting suppliers as the back-end needs to connect the APIs provided by the suppliers for the operation personnel to integrate into the notification service. If there are new suppliers in the future, the product manager needs to be contacted.

Current Connected Operators

The operators available in different environments will vary depending on the configuration. The OU administrator needs to log in to the EnOS Management Console, select Notification Management > Quota, and select the corresponding application to check. At the same time, the quota needs to be applied, which can only be used after it is approved by the system administrator.

Name tunnelCode / Description
Envision Mainland NOTICE_UMS Domestic Corresponding notice service under the domestic SMS.
Envision Abroad NOTICE_NEXMO Abroad Corresponding notice service under the overseas SMS.
SCS HDB_SCS Abroad The designated supplier under the HDB environment requirement will only send SMS to the overseas number.
Twilio TWILIO Domestic / Abroad Designated suppliers that need to be connected with DECADA environment can send SMS messages both domestically and overseas, but the delivery rate of SMS in China cannot be guaranteed to be 100%.
NEXMO NEXMO Abroad Nexmo, the original SMS operator, has been acquired by Vonage.

API List

API Name Description Available on EnOS Cloud Available on EnOS Edge
Send Template Mail Send template mail. ×
Send Template SMS Send tmplate SMS. ×
Search Send Result Search send results. ×

Common Error Codes

Code Data Type Description
32400 The service is not configured in the Notification service and data initialization failed.
32403 The channel quota is exhausted and needs to wait for a daily or monthly quota refresh, or submit an application to the system administrator to modify the quota.
32600 send.message.failed Message sending failed.