List User Organization

List the organization to which a user belongs.

Operation Permissions

Required Authorization Required Operation Permission
orgId Full Access

For more information about resources and required permissions, see Policies, Roles and Permissions>>

Request Format

POST https://{apigw-address}/enos-iam-service/v2.0/user/organization/list

Request Parameters (Header)

Name Mandatory/Optional Data Type Description
Authorization Mandatory String The session ID (or bearer token). You can get the session ID after calling the Log In API.

Response Parameters

Name Data Type Description
organizations Organization Struct The organization’s information. For more information, see Organization Struct >>

Error Code

Code Description
401 The provided bearer token is not valid.
404 The session information is not found.


Request Sample

url: https://{apigw-address}/enos-iam-service/v2.0/user/organization/list
method: POST
requestBody: {"id":"yourOrgId"}
headers: {

Return Sample

    "fail": false,
    "success": true,
    "organizations": [{
        "createdByUserId": "userId1",
        "resourceId": "resourceId1",
        "code": "",
        "approvalState": 1,
        "description": "",
        "type": 2,
        "ownerId": "ownerId1",
        "createTime": "2018-11-20 04:03:06.0",
        "domain": "",
        "extra": {
            "owner": "owner1",
            "property": "2",
            "approvedBy": "system",
            "scale": "0",
            "registerType": "0",
            "approvedAt": "2018-11-20 04:03:06",
            "version": "2"
        "name": "Demo",
        "id": "orgId1",
        "state": 0,
        "certificationState": 1
    }, {
        "createdByUserId": "userId2",
        "resourceId": "resourceId2",
        "code": "",
        "approvalState": 1,
        "description": "",
        "type": 2,
        "ownerId": "ownerId2",
        "createTime": "2020-04-13 04:54:51.0",
        "domain": "data_o15867536917181",
        "extra": {
            "owner": "owner2",
            "approvedBy": "system",
            "scale": "0",
            "registerType": "0",
            "approvedAt": "2020-04-13 04:55:04"
        "name": "data scientist",
        "id": "orgId2",
        "state": 0,
        "certificationState": 1
    "failed": false,
    "message": "",
    "status": 0,
    "successful": true