Data Federation Service API Overview

EnOS™ Data Federation service enables application developers and data analysts to query data from and write files to multi-source heterogeneous data storage systems. The data federation service APIs support querying the created data reading and writing channels, reading data from storages, and writing files to storages. For more information about the Data Federation service, see Data Federation.

For detailed information about EnOS™ APIs, see About EnOS API.

To get started with calling an EnOS API quickly, see Get Started with EnOS API.

Refer to the table below for the list of APIs, and whether they can be used by EnOS™ Cloud and EnOS™ Edge.

API List

API Name Description EnOS Cloud EnOS Edge
List Channels Get the list of channels (Read and Write) to which the application is authorized. ×
Read Data Read data by providing SQL query through the specified channel. ×
List Jobs Get the data reading jobs or data writing jobs of a specified channel. ×
Get Job Details Get detailed information of a data reading job or a data writing job. ×
Write Message Write message to data source through a specified channel. ×
Write Chunk File Write file chunks to data source through a specified channel. ×
Operate Channel Start or stop a read channel or write channel. ×
Create Download Request Create a file download task. ×
Get Download Status Get the status of a file download task. ×
Cancel Download Cancel a file download task. ×

Common Error Code

Code Description
81500 Internal service error.
81400 Channel or data source exception.
81404 Channel or data source does not exist.