Usage Limitation

When using the Data Archiving service, note the following usage limitation.

Data Archiving Resource

Before configuring data archiving jobs, ensure that your OU has requested for the Data Archiving resource through the EnOS Management Console > Resource Management page. The resource specification determines the amount of data records that can be archived per second by all data archiving jobs that are running. For more information about requesting for the Data Archiving resources, see Data Archiving Resource Specification.

When you do not need to archive data with the Data Archiving service, you can delete and release the requested Data Archiving Resource through the Resource Management page to save costs.

Number of Supported Archiving Jobs

The maximum number of data archiving jobs that can be created for an organization is 10.

Archive File Generation

When a data archiving job is submitted, the system starts reading data from the specified message channel. However, if no data is cached in the archiving cycle when the archiving job is submitted, no archive file will be generated.

Data Retention In Case of Job Failure

The data retention time of the current message channel is 3 days by default. In case of job failure, data archiving jobs must be troubleshooted and restarted in time to avoid data loss.

Archived File Size

Size of files to be archived must not exceed 1GB.